Commercialization in the UK Market with reasonable investment.

Resources of IT4DT London

  • Sales, Conventional / Digital Marketing, Business Development, Networking areas and focused on Finance, Banking, Telecommunication, Public, Consumer Goods, Retail industries.
  • Partnership with multinational companies in the UK and Europe with the strong professional team of average 15 years of experience each. This team is made of full-time, part-time or contract-based professionals, those that come together for different types of projects-based business cases.
  • Both our permanent or contract-based members has great business network such as business councils, professional chambers, system integrators, sectoral IT Vendors, public sector communication groups, developed relationships with IT groups such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, user groups and organizations., etc. As all team, we are conscious about to success in commercialization of new brands in UK Market, we need strong relationship.