Our methodological approach

As the name suggests, it focuses on Information Technologies for Digital Transformation and was founded to provide Information Technology-oriented solutions and services tailored to the needs of its customers.

Learn and exercise to operate in mature markets

Business Planning & Marketing Planning

It is the stage in which all sales-oriented activities, roadmap, time plans and all activities individually are defined in a scalable way and prepared jointly with start-ups. This stage is of great importance since the importance of these planning stages are milestones for the commercialization process

Creating Value Proposition

The most distinctive side of the UK and European markets is being the saturated market, shared by customers who do not have the habit of trading in these markets. As a result, the right positioning of the product in the marketplace is the foundation of establishing in the mature markets. The strategical business and marketing planning is professionally prepared for the UK and European markets covering conventional as well as online media sources.

Field Services

Field services include preparation, investigation and data gathering process via reaching out target people via phone, elaborating on products and services and arranging appointment with designated companies..

Strategic planning and strategic consulting services

IT4DT follows the following corporate Governance Consulting approach with its expert and dynamic team of consultants once the company decıdes

Current Situations

Determining Corporate Development spheres

Prioritizing Prospective Management Consulting activities

Setting a Strategic Management Consulting and Plan

Conduct of Corporate Transformation and Structuring Consulting Activities

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